"Bringing Families Together"

"Bringing Families Together"

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Another Scottish Government Botch up.

Members’ quit threat over Children’s Panel reforms.

Original story Lucy Adams The Herald Monday August 2010

Anger at hurried overhaul of system.

Hundreds of Scottish Panel members threaten to quit because of botched up cheapskate reforms, con the commoners they don’t know any better.

A Scottish Government spokesperson said; “We published a draft Bill in June precisely to take place with interested parties over the summer before the legislation is introduced

(Was it only the government funded groups that were invited to give them the answers they want? It appears groups like Grandparents Apart UK who tell what’s best for children were not invited)

Officials say the changes aimed at driving up standards across Scotland and ensuring that panel decisions cannot be challenged under the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR). But this is regarded as a smoke screen.

Phillip White, Chairman of the Argyle and Bute panel is among those who have written to Mr Ingram. The Scottish Government has totally misjudged the strength of feeling on this he said. Members are furious and some have already resigned. The changes are unwelcome, unwanted and unnecessary. The Scottish Governments Proposals will put our vulnerable children at risk.

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Grandparents Apart UK

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