"Bringing Families Together"

"Bringing Families Together"

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Children on the at risk register

From Thurs Oct 1 2009 Metro

Children on the Scottish at risk register rises to 3,600 that was in 2009 what are the figures now. Has it improved any?

The number of youngster placed on child protection registers has increased by almost a third. And Scottish government’s statistics showed growing public concerns about children’s welfare.

Children’s minister Adam Ingram welcomed the rise in people reporting their worries.

But is he listening and using every means possible of how grandparents can be of significant help in the welfare of children for caring, saving the expense of children going into care of the £400 PW Bernardo’s charges or the cost of adoption which I’m sure is a very tidy sum. Most important of all is keeping a child/ren in a stable home environment. Not to mention early detection of child abuse, by grandparents having insight to drug and alcoholic families.

This present government has lost the plot in child welfare.

Because children are low in the priorities of this governments budget children are safer in third world countries than they are in Britain. This needs to change and can only do so with a change of government.

Scottish Labour leader Ian Gray said the figures underlined the need for an urgent re-examination of child protection.

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