"Bringing Families Together"

"Bringing Families Together"

Monday, November 29, 2010

New powers help victims of domestic violence

More power for Woman's Aid

Corrupt UK Coalition Government Home Office, Women's Minister Theresa May MP, will pay Police £28 Million £'s to Prosecute more innocent non violent male Partners.

SORRY BOYS. The same old Corrupt UK Government matriarchal feminism political rhetoric, aimed at protecting the UK's women aids movement, UK & EU leaders must protect this regime at all cost. Unfortunately this means that more innocent men's domestic family relationships are DOOMED to fail.

Yes that means more innocent Husbands and Fathers will be labelled as Domestic Abusers, and will be falsely accused by their lying wife' or girlfriends etc, and now will be targeted by the Police and falsely criminally labelled, & criminally prosecuted as a Violent Domestic Criminal Thugs, with a lifetime criminal record.

Don't worry innocent Men etc, this is nothing new, since 2005 the Domestic Violence Act came into UK law, just talking to your partner, is already a CRIME, as set out this disgusting immoral UK Law, just talking to your love one, is NOW classed as domestic violence.

This evil law has been implemented by the executive regime to fuel many different facets of its regime' political business hierarchy, the police are used by the UK Crown & its Corrupt UK/Govt Home Office, as their domestic nurse ares wipes, the police will be used be to fuel more police business & to spread the corrupt feminism policy throughout the UK, by its despotic tyrannical Govt. administration, will 100% fuel more Corrupt UK Courts Judiciary litigation business in both Criminal & Civil Family Law Courts divisions etc

How about that for reducing Coalition Govt. austerity measure, by squandering a further £28Million £'s of UK Taxpayers Money.

In a paper outlining the Government's plans to tackle domestic violence, the Home Secretary, Theresa May, will also announce plans today to allocate more than £28 million for specialist services to tackle violence against women and girls until 2015


Violent partners will be banned from their homes and their victims given support to escape abuse under new government proposals.

The police will be able to issue domestic violence protection orders, known as 'Go' orders, to bar the perpetrators of domestic violence from their homes for up to a fortnight, giving their victims breathing space to consider their options.

Currently, victims can only be protected immediately if the perpetrator is charged and bail conditions set, or if a civil injunction is sought by the victim. This means that in many cases, the only option for victims is to escape to temporary accommodation. The 'Go' orders will allow police to give evidence on the victim's behalf, removing the perpetrator from the home and preventing contact with the victim where they are concerned about the on-going risk of violence.

Home Secretary Alan Johnson said: "It is not right that victims of domestic violence, who have already suffered so much, are forced out of their home. It is both safer and fairer to remove the abuser.

"Go orders will be another valuable tool to help protect victims, and tackle perpetrators of domestic violence."

The new orders have the support of Refuge, a national charity for women and children experiencing domestic violence. Chief Executive, Sandra Horley said: "Protecting abused women and children is at the heart of what Refuge does. These new orders will protect women from further risk of domestic violence if they are implemented effectively."

These new powers will complement restraining orders which came into force on 30 September, to help protect victims of harassment (including domestic abuse), where an offender has been prosecuted for any criminal offence, not just harassment offences.

Criminal courts will also have greater freedom to grant restraining orders when abusers appear before them, giving victims immediate protection and sparing them the ordeal of starting a separate civil action.

New legislation will be needed to implement the orders. They will be piloted in two police force areas to test the impact of the orders

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