"Bringing Families Together"

"Bringing Families Together"

Monday, December 21, 2009

Grandparents at Christmas

The magic of Christmas is children are knowing
that Santa is coming with red nose a glowing
And granny and grandpa are coming tomorrow
all for us children, for joy and not sorrow.

Our family is happy, together again
let’s keep joy forever with no woe or pain.
We do love our granny she helps us so much
but granda will tell you, that he’s no soft touch,

But he’s a big softy, and sometimes talks rough
I can get round him. So he’s not so tough.
I love when we’re with them, their so kind to me
We’ll bake cakes and carry, them through for our tea.

My granda plays with me at cricket in the park
we have to watch out, in case it gets dark
for he is not young now and his eyesight’s so dim
we need to take over to make sure he gets in.

We do love our grandee’s whom we see all the time
I feel sorry for children that are not off so fine
God bless this Christmas that children everywhere
will contact their grandparent’s to show that they care.

If your family has problems, make sure you are smart
call Margaret or Jimmy, at Grandparents Apart.
They are good listeners, advice they will give
so children and families in peace can all live

Phone them now, and don’t be late
tell them your story and make a date.
Come to their meetings in the PI
at Govan X is there it doth lie.

Have a good Christmas full of good cheer
May your family be happy this coming new year.
Bless all the children in your house tonight
And pray god looks over you, to keep love abright.

From, A member of Grandparents Apart UK

0141 882 5658

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