"Bringing Families Together"

"Bringing Families Together"

Monday, December 21, 2009

Children need grandparents more than ever at Christmas.

Are the administrators of family law doing their best for our children by ignoring that social services often get child welfare wrong and are messing up family of this country?
How many more of our children are to die or be neglected and abused before The Charter for Grandchildren is accepted as the norm. A fortune is spent on all kinds of useless schemes that obviously do not work when we have disasters like Baby P.

Why won’t the powers and social services recognise the fact that grandparents can save the country millions by being relevant persons in a child’s life? They are seldom told their grandchildren are being taken into care and social services refuse them the right to information about their grandchildren’s welfare? What have social services got against grandchildren having their grandparents in a position to put a full stop to child abuse.

We need grandchildren to have their grandparents in a closer role in their lives to spot abuse before a disaster occurs not after. Who better to know what is going on behind closed doors but are not taken seriously?

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  1. Hello...Yes grandparents are very important.
    I wrote a post about grandparents (dated 12/20/09) and heard from grandparent and those that still have grandparents. Read the very interesting comments if you'd like.
    Continue with your good works.