"Bringing Families Together"

"Bringing Families Together"

Friday, May 13, 2011

“David Cameron has asked Scotland Yard to review the disappearance of Madeleine McCann because of the "exceptional" nature of the case.”

This was the Sky News Headline today at 5.00pm and I have to say I welcome any investigation in to the disappearance of children, but that is not what the Prime Minister is saying,

Mr Cameron is signalling out the tragedy that has fallen poor Madeleine McCann and we pray that something positive will come from this investigation and that Madeleine can be united with her long suffering parents.

That said there was a Protest March held on the 4th May 2011 to Downing Street which unfortunately I was unable to attend, but a petition was handed in to draw the Prime Minister’s attention to the plight of children and to draw his attention to the large numbers of children that go missing in this country every year and I copy part of a letter sent to me that has been sent to the Prime Minister.

According to the press as of today, you have stated that the case of Madeline McCann is Governments primary concern and has always been and remains for her safe return, and that the police via government will now have a full enquiry, that is wonderful, but what about the thousands of children stolen sold and missing never to be seen again by grandparents fathers and families because of the corruption and billions of pounds, it is amazing that you can relate to one families plea and ignore the plea of thousands Including Mr. Hemming MP Mr. Amess Mp and Mr. Booker.

I will gladly pay for your time, if you make an appointment to speak to Mr. Hemming or Mr. Amess, other than that, if you still refuse to accept that we have a huge corruption within social services, which needs a full investigation, then you leave me with no choice but to continue the campaign against Government and this I will do with the masses and the media, I still find it difficult to believe the news today, that Mr. and Mrs. McCann have priority of your support for one child missing, when I and many others have written personally regarding the thousands of children stolen, including you ignoring Mr. Hemming and Mr. Amess. WHY”

This I agree is pretty powerful stuff to write you about, and I do not wish to scare or frighten anybody but I am hearing too much about children being taken from families by the Children’s Agencies and by others who sell children into slavery, consequently because of these atrocities there really needs to be a thorough earnest investigation as to what is actually going regarding children in our beloved country in these times.

I can sympathise with anyone who has lost contact with a child as it is like a death in the family, but never to hear about, or see the child again is just unbearable and in a modern society is as callous, as it is wicked, and cruel and should not be tolerated, but we who are plain ordinary citizens are powerless to put a stop to this and only the politicians and the courts have the power to effect that change that will protect our children which is so vital and necessary.

Our children should be protected in the first instance by the United Nations “Convention on the Rights of the Child” and governments should recognise the essentiality of the need for a “Charter for Grandchildren” which would give families a say in what happens to their children.

If you allow me I will return to this subject again.

My continued thanks for your support.

Frank Bradfield,

Grandparent Apart Wales,

14 Amalfi Court,

Craig-y-Don Parade.


LL30 1BH

Telephone No 01492 874 395

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