"Bringing Families Together"

"Bringing Families Together"

Friday, November 26, 2010

Grandparents Apart Wales

Dear Friends

Let me from the outset state that domestic violence is intolerable and we as
a Welsh organisation are glad to see action being implemented by the
government to tackle it. It is now recognised that domestic violence is
widespread and comes in all sort of forms with both sexes suffering from it
as are children.

Although it is very welcome that the Welsh Assembly Government is taking
steps to protect women, and I do understand that women need and should be
protected but there has been so much in the news lately about our children
being groomed from an early age by despicable people and then used by them
at a later date for their sexual gratification before they are used in the
sex trade as objects by others in this organised contemptible sexual crime.
These disgraceful acts however are committed against children of both sexes
and I think the authorities should widen their scope to include the
protection of all human beings regardless of age.
The Newsnight programme which highlighted this sex trafficking did qualify
that the children came from mainly families who had difficulties and I
believe that is the place to start if we are serious at wanting to protect
our children, but the authorities appear to have difficulty in supporting
any action to make the family unit stronger and we as an organisation are
still campaigning for children's rights by having the Government of Wales
create a "Charter for Grandchildren."

Grandparents are not all perfect but against these reported widespread
heinous crimes against humanity they are the biggest protectors of children
and are always there for the family in the main.
I have no idea why grandparents don't form a political voice and hit the
politicians where it hurts.
If one approached a legal representative they would be told it is so
difficult as every case is different, but I say to them we are losing the
war and it is our children who are silently paying the price with their
How can children be normal when their situation is not?
How can children have relationships when they are used and not loved?
The situation regarding the protection of our children gets worse every year
and we need to send out the signal enough is enough.

The "Charter for Grandchildren" would give children the right to see the
people they love and who love them, and many a child confides in a
grandparent before a parent but still the authorities say we are irrelevant
however the proof and facts says different.

I hope all is well with you.

Frank Bradfield
Grandparents Apart Wales
14 Amalfi Court, Craig-y-Don Parade, Llandudno. LL30 1BH
Telephone 01492 874395

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