"Bringing Families Together"

"Bringing Families Together"

Friday, November 26, 2010

Angel Anton Llapart

Spanish to English translation


Angel Anton Llapart

Today, the International Gender violence is announced that tomorrow the Council of Ministers will give the nut another blow to the deprivation of human rights to men, after taking away the right to equality before the law, that of Budget .. . nciĆ³n of Innocence and legalize Author Courts prohibited by the Treaty of Rome after the last of Hitler and Stalin.

Tomorrow the man convicted of child abuse, 97% of the cases is a simple discussion of couples in which both say they condemn all and ONLY MAN FOR BEING A MAN, he will no longer remove the guard and custody if
not the very custody of their children. What implication does not need to tell the Law, also the house and any property or property interest. It is easy to see that if the Act VIDO suicides have skyrocketed to 800 men per year, and already one in three separations is to benefit from this Act as if Spain was a country of criminals, next year will a doubling of complaints of gender dogma, a clear counter radical feminism and gender lucrative industry achieved precisely the struggle for equality and THE INTEREST OF THE CHILD WITH THE GRANTING OF custody.

Europe can, and he's doing, stop this nonsense Spanish. We have published this article that not only are allowed to play if no others that are kindly requested to do so and we all have children, siblings, grandchildren and nephews males who are eventually going to get.

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