"Bringing Families Together"

"Bringing Families Together"

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Government Funded (Yes) Organisations.


Government Funded Organisations.

Government says:-

Grandparents are very important in children’s lives.

Government does:-

They refuse to acknowledge grandparents by law as relevant persons in their grandchildren’s lives, and also refuse to make mandatory the Charter for Grandchildren. This was created by a Scottish government for families and professionals to look more closely at the role grandparents can play in children’s lives.


The government’s actions are sending a message to the general public that grandparents do not matter and families are adopting that attitude rather than attempt to resolve family disputes by mediation. This results in enormous costs for legal aid and court appearances that clog up the court system.. Why are they doing this when they tell us that grandparents are important in children’s lives? Grandparents don’t get a chance to be important when social services refuse to speak or acknowledge them regarding their children.


Social services say:-

They acknowledge grandparents. This implies that the 1000,s of grandparent’s that have contacted us and other organisations are being untruthful.

Social services does:-

Ignore grandparents if they have anything to say about how their grandchildren are being treated and tell them “we don’t need to speak to you” which, as we all know, has not been in the best interests of quite a few children of late?


The removal of children and telling them their grandparents do not want to see them demoralises children and makes them bitter and unmanageable. Is it a wonder that grandparents are unwilling to report any neglect or abuse because they are afraid they will be the first to lose any contact? They try to handle it themselves and end up being alienated from the family that is in badly need of help. All meetings with SS should be recorded for accuracy in getting it right for every child.


Woman’s Aid says;-

Their focus is on the violence towards women but still say grandparents are important in a child’s live. How could they say otherwise about their own mum and dad? But!

Woman’s Aid:-

Their actions at meetings in tutoring mothers how to avoid contact with the paternal side of the family is depriving children of their father and paternal grandparents even when they have done no wrong. Parental Alienation is now regarded as a mental illness and is utilised by women who have a total hate of men in order to brainwash our children for their own distorted selfish means.


The government funds an organisation whose are totally focussed only on there own hate filled policies and totally in opposition to family unity which is not in the best interests of children. We tried to liaise with them about a Charter for Women for good practise but they have ignored all our attempts at a compromise even for the sake of their own children.

A fortune could be saved if they addressed these facts

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