"Bringing Families Together"

"Bringing Families Together"

Monday, November 1, 2010

Dundee Demo.

10th November 2010 in Dundee City Centre
Caird Hall City Square 11 am.

Please give this your best attendance to demonstrate against this injustice on Dave.

Following a balloon surprise display for his son’s birthday at his school David is now facing jail for ‘Distress’ charges, similar to the harassment laws in England.

Bar one chance meeting, he has not seen his son in 6 years because of Dundee social services power tripping.

David has residence of his 2 older children and is a capable loving father.The reason David is denied access to this son must be gender bias, because his wife says so, and it is depriving the boy of a father?

David is planning a peaceful static protest at Dundee social services offices; in Scotland social workers take a similar role to Cafcass in writing court welfare reports for Sheriffs in contact and residence disputes.

Rffj & Grandparents Apart UK support David in peaceful direct action, if you support the fight against a corrupt system, please turn up and protest in Dundee for David’s son Cameron, and for all the other children denied access to a parent or grandparent for no good reason in Scotland.

The best interests of the child would be served by these issues being addressed.

1, a) The Government is gender biased as it does appear the system works on the basis that women are the only parents capable of rearing children in the traditional family. b) The government claims fathers and grandparents are important to children’s but refuse to recognise them as relevant people in children’s lives.

2a) Social services rarely include fathers, grandparents or extended family because the law does not recognise them as relevant. b)

3, Woman’s Aid focuses on protecting woman and do not take into account the best interests of children when they are tutoring women how to avoid contact with the paternal side of a child’s family even if grandparents or fathers have done no wrong. This encourages alienation, flouting of contact orders and the law stands back.. (Non-compliance, alienation ) Major issues.

Millions could be saved to families and the public purse if this farce was resolved. It would cut down on legal aid and social service and welfare costs. Children being used as weapons or blackmail would benefit.

The Charter for Fathers

Separation and divorce can be a nasty and bitter experience for every one concerned especially the children. It appears to be that 90% are fathers that lose out but it can happen to mothers too.. You
would not believe your new loving sweetheart, presently telling you that “I will always be yours”, could be anything else but loving and gentle. Too often we have heard “I just can’t believe it, that she/he could go to these extremes like telling lies about domestic violence and using the children for revenge and blackmail to get back at me for their own selfish means”.

If you are experiencing marital problems or thinking of separating get in touch with a family group for advice. Do not delay and do not try to work it out yourself or force your will on anyone. Contact 0141 882 5658 before you do anything and we mean anything. We will point you to the Charter for Fathers designed to expose the pitfalls in dealing with a feminist society. If we can’t help we will know a person who can.

Issued for the true welfare of our children by:-
Grandparents Apart UK, Kilmarnock & Llandudno. 22 Alness Cresent Glasgow, G52 1PJ 0141 882 5658. www.grandparents.co.uk

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