"Bringing Families Together"

"Bringing Families Together"

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Dear Friends and members

One of our dear friends Maggie sent me this link and really action must come when society’s abuse of children is clearly being openly indentified and then reported in the National Press.

Remember also there are people such as myself who have been threatened with court action if, in my case I personally publish stories on “Emma” who the Social Services deem is my grandaughter.

I can clearly state that I am blessed with three grandaughters but there is no Emma in any of their names so what are the social services scared about Emma for?
The law I am informed clearly says that you cannot publish or identify the name of a child who is subject to care proceedings as my grandaughter is.
This is to protect the child, I am told, but I question that, as the abusers of children can hide behind such a law and that cannot help children nor bring the issues of abuse to the public’s attention so that society can deal accordingly with the abuse of our children.

The time for change is nigh and I urge and hope there is a full examination and investigation into the way Social Services and other children’s organisations come to their decisions on children.
The cries from so many of the public who suffer pain and anguish must be heard for the children’s sake and this article goes a long way to help them and our cause and society as a whole can only benefit from it.

Finally, Peter please put the link on our site and I enclose the Lord Chief Justice’s link from last week to reinforce my belief that change must come but it isn’t governments we will need to fight to get that change it is the lawyers and you are right when you say that governments are full of lawyers.
There lies the problem and I rest my case.

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