"Bringing Families Together"

"Bringing Families Together"

Monday, October 25, 2010

Reply from Scottish Law Sociaty Re- Grandparents Rights.

Some time agow i wrote to the Scottish Law Society asking why lawyers are persistently saying that grandparents have rights to their grandchildren when we have a letter from the Scottish Government Law Division stating clearely that they do not.

Mr Jimmy Deuchars Grandparents Apart UK 22 Alness Crescent Glasgow G521PJ

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Thank you for your letter 6 October 2010 regarding the rights of grandparents and their legal rights to have contact with their grandchildren. In order to give you a full answer I have asked our Family Law Sub Committee to consider this and advise me. I will respond thereafter.
Yours sincerely

Lorna Jack Chief Executive
E-mail: lornajack@lawscot.org.uk Telephone: 0131 476 8157


  1. Oh for goodness sake, what is the matter with these people, we ALL know that grandparents do not have an automatic legal right. In England at present you have to apply for leave (permission) to apply for a contact order, government are going to lift the need to apply for leave as in Scotland, but actually it won't make any difference. If you are granted a contact order, if the resident parent decides not to turn up at the agreed time and place you are back to square one and back to court. Resident parents know that very rarely is any action taken even though they are breaking the order. There must be a consequence.
    As indeed there MUST be a consequence when resident parents don't allow non resident parents any contact.