"Bringing Families Together"

"Bringing Families Together"

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Glasgow Social Services ruined this family forever.

Press release.

Glasgow Social services have written to the McMichaels to say they have no locus on this case. Washing their hands of this injustice does not exonerate them from the fact that by their unlawful actions they have ruined this couples life.

How long will social services be allowed to devastate families with their god like powers. Families are ruined by their snatching of children and alienating them from relatives who could care for them rather than adoption to strangers. Children are treated by social services like goods in a business deal. This is heartless and inhumane.

We need a social service that cares, not one that is feared by ordinary people especially grandparents who are afraid that they are the first to lose contact with their grandchildren if they become involved with social services.

Read Margaret and Tony story of terrible injustice.

The couple had their son removed by social workers from Glasgow Southern General Hospital within 3 weeks of him being born. The excuse was it was for the child’s future welfare. They fought against social services by taking their case to the court of Human Rights in Strasbourg who ruled Glasgow social services had unlawfully removed their child. Their child was never returned.

The authorities offered a written apology and offered to pay the couples legal costs and compensation of £2000.00p rising to about £9K. The price they put on their child’s life. The wee boy was also spirited away and lost in the adoption system. Nothing could compensate the terrible damage done to them by social services in Glasgow.

Margaret had been working with severely disabled children and had excellent references praising her for her loving care but still her child was snatched from her by social services negligence. Who better to look after her own son than Margaret with her references?

This happened 22 years ago and the McMichaels have tried to find him ever since. Private detectives eventually traced their son but.their letters and communications have been constantly blocked. Margaret said “we could be grandparents for all we know” but they still have hope that someday they will know the son that was brutally torn from them. They would love someone to do the decent thing and let them have contact with their adult son.


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