"Bringing Families Together"

"Bringing Families Together"

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Grandparents are being untruthful

Glasgow City Council Meeting

Item Minute - 26 August 2010

Charter for Grandchildren – Position noted.

With reference to the minutes of the Council of 18th February 2010 (Print 7, page 641) approving a motion that this Council resolve to examine the benefits of adopting the practices outlined in “The Charter for Grandchildren”, there was submitted and noted a report by the Executive Director of Social Care Services

Outlining the Charter for Grandchildren which detailed the rights of children and the responsibilities of statutory agencies which were already in legislation and ensured that, in making decisions on the lives of children, a full assessment of need should be undertaken involving all relevant people, including grandparents; and
Advising that this Council acknowledged that the rights of children and the role that grandparents played was already understood and part of practice in working with children and families.
Glasgow City Council, City Chambers, Glasgow G2 1DU

Committee considering the Charter for Grandchildren.

The committee headed by Councillor Sadie Docherty has received a report from the head of Glasgow’s social service stating that what is contained in the Charter for Grandchildren is already practised by his department. This infers that all you grandparents, who have been humiliated, ignored, cast aside and experienced and told “you have no rights to your grandchildren” and “we don’t need to speak to you” are not being truthful because he said his department does include grandparents as relevant persons.

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  1. I'm wrong again in thinking that was it finished. maybe i'm getting twisted in my auld age.

    Thanks Sadie.

    Sadie said:-


    Sorry bout the delay in getting back to you the Council was in recess last week.

    I have asked both Education and Social Work department for information on this Charter and how it will be implemented.

    Yes you have copied the correct documents.

    I will contact you as soon as I receive a reply.