"Bringing Families Together"

"Bringing Families Together"

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

5.5 years to get justice for a child.

Another successful day! A member’s seven year old grandaughter was in the Crown Court today as a Crown Prosecution Witness against her mother and step father.
They had trouble with the video link but the little girl could be heard saying she was there to tell the truth, which is very good for this particular little girl as she was kept back for years so that her mother and step father could carry on with their Socialising.

The child was also a claimant of DLA a state brought on due to her lack of care and attention.

So although delayed in many areas the little girl who alleged that her step father came into her bedroom through the night after arriving home in an intoxicated state and punched her, she is now safe from these two people who will be sentenced on the 8th November 2010.

What is annoying is that the Social Services were alerted to this child’s abuse in 2005 and even when the child had been placed in care three times in a six months period they still maintained there was no evidence to substantiate the allegations made by her against this couple who had the responsibility for her. A Staff Nurse and Doctor’s report from the local A&E reinforced the concerns many people had regarding this little girl but still she was refused the protection that was needed.

This story has still a long way to go but there are many culprits of not listening to this little girl, but she is a happy girl tonight safe with her dad and grandparents.

I am pleased to share a happy outcome with you.

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