"Bringing Families Together"

"Bringing Families Together"

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Grandson united with grandmother Cries I'm Free. I'm Home

Yesterday I received a call from Thurrock social services to go and collect my grandson who had been taken away from his home, I cannot tell you of a little boys happiness, he sang all the way back to my home, (I am free) then as we hit the drive way he shouted I am home. We had the most horrendous time at social services of which I will tell you all later, we did not get to my house until nearly 10 o'clock last night, this letter to Cameron ect I had already sent to the social services in Thurrock, so I think maybe they took me seriously, who knows I have for the time my 2 grandkids, we are not sure of the future with all the rules, my god will we have to shout loud and clear at governments, no child should be put through what we went through last night. I will be writing many letters in support of our kids.
Jimmy//James you can use what ever I write here including the letter to Cameron of which I will be doing a follow up letter today. I am one grandmother like so many has fought tooth and nail for my grandkids, but my little 9 year old singing for one hour in the car last night (I AM FREE ) will live with me for ever. We need the words I am free for all kids.

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