"Bringing Families Together"

"Bringing Families Together"

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Child wrongly removed by social services. Never corrected

Margaret and Tony McMichael had their son removed by social workers within 3 weeks of him being born. They fought the system and won after taking the case to the court of Human Rights in Strasbourg but their child was never returned.

Glasgow social services offered a written apology and £2000.00p was the price of compensation for snatching their child and losing him in the adoption system. They also offered to pay the couples legal costs. Tony said “Not even Two Million Pounds could compensate the terrible damage done to their family by social services in Glasgow.

Margaret had been working with severely disabled children and had excellent references praising her for her loving care but still her child was still snatched from her by social service’s heartless baby snatchers.

Margaret said “This happened a few years ago but the we have never had any contact with son. Our letters and communications have been constantly blocked. We could be grandparents for all we know” but they still have hope that someday they will know the son that was illegally, brutally torn from them.

Why has social services not done the decent thing and let them have contact with their adult son?. They have never made any move to right this wrong despite being ruled against.

Have social services ever learnt the lessons from these blunders. No! according to the vast amount of bad media reports of late. Are their no limits to their power to ruin families when all that is often needed is a little support and guidance to keep children in a stable home environment rather than have them snatched by social workers and two or three burly cops that terrify the resistance out of anybody.

Once inside the system children are told their families do not want them. This demoralises them just to make them easier to handle. Like goods in a business they are farmed out to almost any adopter that comes along to save costs. It is all very well saving costs now but the expense comes later when these emotionally, spiritually deprived kids turn to gangs for the love and stability they have been robbed of when they were young. Gangs that have been reported by the media lately are very much on the increase and will get worse because of the inhuman treatment of our children by social services..

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