"Bringing Families Together"

"Bringing Families Together"

Friday, September 10, 2010

A very worthwhile Demo in London

Dear All,

I have been a campaigner against forced adoption and for opening-up the so-called 'Family' Courts for some years now, since I was forbidden by the one at Oxford from seeing my only child or having any news of her. I was a member of Fathers 4 Justice and am now part of 'New' Fathers 4 Justice and campaigned for the Equal Parenting Alliance Party in the General Election. I was adopted at birth (62 years ago!) and am a step-grandfather. A group of us are organising a demonstration in London on the 30th. September which is not only my birthday but the last day those affected by the present system can hand in their comments in the 'call for evidence' asked for by the Ministry of Justice. We are handing-in a specimen statement as a symbolic gesture, as we are very sceptical of yet another review, the panel consisting of many who would benefit by keeping the status-quo. There is not one disenfranchised parent on that panel.

We would like as many people to attend this as possible, grandparents, parents and children, any who have been affected and hurt by the present system. The statement to be handed-in has not been finalised yet and we will liase with as many parties as possible about its final content; but it will be a hard-hitting one. I am telling you all this because I felt you may have the will and the means to spread the word. Official start-time for the demo is 11-30, the handing-in 'ceremony' would be about 12-30, at the Ministry of Justice building in Petty France, near St. James' Park Station.

Please contact me at my address below.

With many thanks for your time,

Yours sincerely,

Roger Crawford

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  2. The corruption in the system constitutes, organised crime. In my experience the Solicitors are the worst, followed by corrupt Judges. I have sent a "Data Subject Notice" to Judge Orme, to remove False Data he has recorded about me.He made an unlawful order on me, saying I had been heard, when I had NOT. This order included unsubstantiated and unproven literature. Judge Orme breached UK law and EU law in all of his actions.

  3. Furthermore, I was refused my defence evidence through out all of these proceedings. This evidence was agreed by all parties and backed up by a court order. When the Solicitors and the Court saw evidence of criminal offences by Public Authorities, against my Autistic daughter, they tried to do a cover up, by concealment of evidence. In Judge Orme,s illegal order, he has put on it that I am not allowed to speak about the criminal offences. A Court is not allowed to cover corruption and then make a false order, full of lies, telling you not to speak of it, or you will go to prison. They cannot risk a public trial, so what do they think they are going to do.