"Bringing Families Together"

"Bringing Families Together"

Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Three Destroyers of Family Life

Governments we are told recognise the importance of grandparents and extended family in a child’s life. We say that is a joke. They are wasting your money and the time of the courts that grant contact orders for children with their family.

Social Services claim what the Charter for Grandchildren is asking for is already available. If It is, then it is not focused enough for it to be observed by professionals that work in the welfare of children when we have all these complaints.

Social services carry out the dirty work of the government by ostracising any member who comments on their treatment of children. Social workers tell concerned family members we don’t need to tell you anything because you are irrelevant persons. The family are shut out altogether and this allows social services to carry on in secret to groom the sweetest youngest children for forced adoption. Adoption is a very lucrative business and worth investigating who is making out of it. The not so sweet kids or young children are doomed to a life in the care system which thoroughly demoralising them robbing them of family connections and respect for society and they rebel to the extreme and form gangs to cope with rejection.

Woman’s Aid is reported to be tutoring mothers how to avoid contact with fathers and grandparents. Their agenda is self centred and not good for children. We have approached them to issue a Charter for Mothers for good practise but they have not responded. They are funded by vast sums of money from the government.

Lack of Facilities,

Grandparents, fathers and extended family are disgusted with the lack of these facilities. It takes so long that the authority of court orders are laughed at and easily flouted. The government say they promote mediation but we want to open a mediation and contact centre but can’t get funding for it.

Scottish Mediation service is telling our grandparents that they will need to wait for months for an appointment. The main Contact Centre in Glasgow is just as bad off with a lengthy wait for their services.

Where is the money going?

A huge fortune of private and public legal aid money is spent on family breakdowns, mainly for contact with children and only lawyers are gaining from it. So think about this. The Government is full of lawyers. The governments take their advice from the Law Societies that was created by lawyers for lawyers and work in the best interest of lawyers. So what else can you expect but laws that benefit lawyers? You vote for them!!!! They fill their pockets at your expense. Vote for people like yourself who can work for your needs.

Family members in their desperation for contact are very vulnerable and think just because a lawyer takes on their case they are on the road to getting that contact. Get second opinions from family groups before you engage a lawyer.

Where is the best interest of the children here that is so often quoted?

Jimmy Deuchars
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  1. Something else that is all too often forgotten Jimmy is when a parent perpitrates Parental Alienation on their children this abuse extended to that extended family too why don't those grandparents speek up for the grandchildren when their own children do wrong, or is the deseption just so great?