"Bringing Families Together"

"Bringing Families Together"

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Social Services are guilty of child abuse.

Social Services are guilty of child abuse.

The very service that is supposed to protect and help children are now using methods that amount to psychological and emotional abuse.

The Psychological and Emotional part of children’s make up are being ignored in favour of cheaper ways of grooming them for adoption. A system that is leaving children feeling isolated and rejected using alienation of all family members. They are exploited, humiliated and intimidated to succumb to the will of social services for easier manipulation

This type of treatment only cares for the physical side of a child. It is well know that children that go through the social system are underachievers and are often very disruptive. By ignoring the whole child it is setting off a time bomb for the future. Prevention is always better than cure. Proper treatment of children leads to good citizens of the future. The general public need to open their eyes to the unchallenging power of social services in its treatment of children.

Don’t have children, not your concern? You are wrong! If you want to live safe as you get older from muggings, robbery and have respect then children must be treated and educated like wise. A good society must start at good training of our children. The social services are ignoring this and society will suffer for it in the end.

Methods presently used by social services in its treatment of children.

A child taken into care is frightened, alone and vulnerable. If the child shows signs of pining for his parents or grandparents or if he/she is upset after a family visit, contact is stopped. The SS system must be protected by not having children seen to be upset at having to remain in their care. Alienation and Isolation leading to the child feeling rejected by the family is abuse. This type of abuse is used to clear children of family ties in order for adopters to look more favourable on children.

The idea is to clear children for adoption as fast and at as little cost as possible to enable social workers to win their huge bonuses for reaching adoption targets. Continual separation of a child from loved ones to gain control is psychological abuse. To create places for these child commodities, further adopters from non traditional families are targeted.

This is a very clear business plan for disposing of children. Ie Groom for adoption. 1) Children in, 2) Get rid of the family, 3) Adopt without consent. Fast and cheap. Cold and unfeeling.


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  1. Hi Jimmy

    I have to agree with you that in some area's of the country social services are coming apart - especially Glasgow but that has been happening for years. I know this because about 15yrs ago when we first had dealings with them we were shocked as g/parents to find out that they just didn't care what circumstances you or the g/children were in - they just left you to it.
    I think I right in saying that this practise still goes on - no money for relatives even although ss place the children ss just lie - children left without social workers in homes that are sometimes brutal and dangerous for the children. Lots of stories about Glasgow. I have to say that in Highland they have improved over the years but that is only because of all the relatives fighting their corner. Its a crying shame that children are left without care and protection while councils spend foolishly. Christina Small

  2. Greetings from New Zealand - I have posted this on local groups - Keep up the good work - Onward - Jim