"Bringing Families Together"

"Bringing Families Together"

Monday, June 21, 2010

What is, The Charter for Grandchildren?

The Charter for Grandchildren is for everyone especially professionals like social services to look more closely at the role grandparents can play in their grandchildren’s lives instead of treating them as irrelevant persons. To keep children in a stable home environment and prevent children going into care or to strangers. It has been proven that most children brought up in care are non-achievers and turn to gangs and crime because of the lack of family in their lives.

Where did it come from?

The Charter for Grandchildren was created by a Scottish government by consulting a stakeholders group made of of various children’s agencies and Grandparents Apart UK.

Why was it created?

Grandparents Apart UK presented evidence to the government that children were being deprived of their grandparents love, affection and protection because the law states that grandparents have no legal rights to their own grandchildren. A vote in the Scottish Parliament for grandparents to have legal right of contact was defeated by the Scottish Labour Party instructing its member to vote against it. Still because of the strong evidence the government realised there was an urgent need for recognising the role grandparents can play and opted for the Charter for Grandchildren but only in advisory form.
The Charter for Grandchildren does not in any way impinge on parental rights. Parents always come first in a child’s life and grandparents a close second if the parents cannot or are not available.

How far has it progressed?

The government spent £30000 00p on advertising the charter but it was a drop in the ocean. The Charter for Grandchildren has been heavily promoted and monitored by Grandparents Apart UK and the evidence shows that professionals especially social services have not been adhering to the advice given in the charter and children have still been fostered /adopted to strangers which is not in their best interests.

Has anyone accepted the Charter?

Yes, Glasgow City Council accepted the charter on 18th February 2010 and it is now in the hands of the Glasgow Head of social services who are dragging their heels and reluctant to change their policies not even for the welfare of children until 19th June 2010 when they sent us a letter, Quote, it is my intention to take a report on this issue to the Education, Children and Family Policy Committee in August. Unquote. I take that to be this year.

As the Charter for Grandchildren was created by a Government with the best legal teams in the country and The city of Glasgow Full Council accepting it we wonder what there is to consider for the head of social services. Anything that protects children in the rising figures of child abuse and abuse of drug and alcohol problems should be jumped at.

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