"Bringing Families Together"

"Bringing Families Together"

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

For dads and grandparents

Today I am one day old, I have a wonderful loving mum and dad and how they play with me, I giggle so much.
Today I am one year old I still have a mum and dad who love and play with me
Now I am a little boy/girl and I go to school to learn and I have many friends and we play oh how we play and we are so happy, I wish my mum and dad could play together and be happy just as they were the day I was born.
Now I have to live with my mother because my mum and dad no longer play together, mum tells me daddy does not want to see or play with me any more, I do miss my dad, and I am not allowed any more to see my daddies mum and dad, I did love to play with my grandparents and they told me wonderful stories, so now I only have my friends at school to play with.
I have been told if I am not good social services could take me away and send me to a knew mum and dad, I wonder if they will play with me like my mum and dad use to.
I am confused. Should I have a new mum and dad, or stay with my mum, but I do miss my dad. Why cant mums and dads stay friends like me and my friends. My nights are so lonely dad use to tell me a bedtime story, but that has gone when dad left, I do beg mum to let me see my dad and grandparents, but I have stopped asking, because my mum hates my dad and his family, and I know I could be in trouble to keep asking, because you see I am only a child and I am not given a voice and under the International human rights even as a child I should be allowed to say what I want and who I want to live with.
I am now a very big person, and when I did find my dad, I felt as he did not want me when I was little, I did not need him now, as I turned to leave, he said, please listen to me, to hear dad tell me why we did not play when I was growing up, bought tears to my eyes and my heart full of pain. Such a waste of my little years growing up with no dad. But now I have my dad and we play and giggle just like the day I was born.

Just a thought for all dads and grandparents


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