"Bringing Families Together"

"Bringing Families Together"

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Stand up for our children, A New Years Resolution.

Baby P died because no one was prepared to stand up for him and put themselves on the line, not Social Services, not the Police, not the NHS doctors who examined him and mysteriously, found nothing wrong! Today, people in care roles are much more interested in caring for themselves, their jobs, promotion, and being "politically correct".

Sadly little children form part of a "social engineering" programme and they are left in potentially dangerous family situations because Social Services has decided that this "right thing to do" and they are "monitoring" the situation. However, with the best will in the world no social worker can be in a home 24 X 7 and when they do visit - it has to be by prior arrangement - they are not permitted to make unscheduled calls and cannot, therefore, report accurately on the true circumstances. However, ignoring the kind of injuries baby P suffered raises other questions. Do they actually look at the children they are supposed to be visiting - do they touch them - are they allowed to see things like the child's bedroom etc? If not, why? (Because they are not trained properly. Jimmy)

There is a strong case for moving more children into temporary foster care - preferably with grandparents or other responsible family members - having first completed the necessary security background checks.

We need to put as much value and care into placing our children in the hands of others as we currently do when boarding out family pets. If you abuse and mistreat a pet - you can go to prison, if you don't care for it properly, you can go to prison. Why we are less concerned, as a nation, about what happens to babies and little children?

Can we make it a New Years Resolution?

Keep up the good work


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