"Bringing Families Together"

"Bringing Families Together"

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Granddaughter snatched from grandmother by social services

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Granddaughter snatched from grandmother by social services
The 1 year old baby girl was signed over to her by her daughter

Two days before social services got an interim care order. The grandmother took the baby to Fishguard port to travel back to her home in Ireland where the granddaughter was born and where she was already assessed as a suitable carer for 4 months by Irish social services whilst her daughter was in the UK.

The social services got police to stop the grandmother late at night on Thursday evening of last week where they held her and the baby for 6 hours until Yeovil SS arrived. They then snatched the baby from the grandmother and took her into foster care.

The mother is having medical problems and is in and out of hospital and social services stepped in to look after the baby, but due to the prolonged medical condition the mother thought it best the baby went to live with grandmother than go to strangers in foster care.

As the mother travelled to Ireland and had her baby with media coverage. Last week, on the day after they snatched the baby, the social services had a gagging order slapped on the mother so she could not report the story.

We need to get this out into the public domain and help the grandmother obtain custody of the baby in Ireland and out of foster care where is she at risk of emotional harm by not being with her family.

Kind Regards

Angela Wileman

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