"Bringing Families Together"

"Bringing Families Together"

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Grandparents are very important in a child's life.

“Grandparents are very important”
Claim the Ministers of our government’s

(But only if the face fits it would appear)

A social worker is called in to investigate problems in the family. Their report is based on their observations and opinion of that family. If the family in their opinion are not up to their standards then it is deemed to be a heredity problem and to work with that family is not considered. The cheapest course would be to have the child removed and adopted without consent if need be. Cost overrules the child’s welfare. No thought is given for the emotional or mental welfare of the child or to keep the them in a home environment or educating the family for the better. This drastic move ruins a child for life. And we wonder why children grow up resentful of society and rebel against it.

Grandparents are accepted by if they bow down and cow-tow to the SS and if asked in a crisis (which very few grandparents would refuse to do in a crisis) take on their grandchildren immediately without question, especially if they are told the children will be adopted and out of their lives if they don’t. If they later voice concern for any reason about the welfare of the children, they are removed without explanation and the grandparents labelled uncooperative and ignored. This scenario has come to our notice all to often..

SS says “jump”. Grandparents must say “how high” or they are cut off from their grandchildren.

When a grandparent contacts us the first thing we say to them is cooperate with the SS for the best interests of the child. But! The SS do not always work for the child’s best interest. It is their own agenda that comes first. Their track record of late for getting things wrong can be fatal. People have no confidence in them to make these important decisions about their grandchildren and a loving grandparent just can’t stand by and watch their grandchildren’s lives being ruined by the stubborn SS because whether they are right or wrong, have the power of the law behind them to force their authority on everyone.

Getting it right for Social Workers should be a priority.

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  1. I know this is true, form first hand experience. The SS (Childrens Services???) tried to steal my granddaughter for their forced adoption agenda. They failed. They will try again in the future, with my future grand children, of this I am sure. No child in the UK or USA is safe. Our Families are being deliberately destroyed by facists. Bush and Blair have set up these systems in both UK and USA. The Family will soon be a memory of the past, as THE STATE removes all our rights to freedom, Love and happiness. If we do not fight, NOW, it will be too late. Excersise your rights. Protect your families.