"Bringing Families Together"

"Bringing Families Together"

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Social Services did it with me.

The social Services did it with me Jimmy they kept putting complaints on top of complaints in about me and more case conferences than anything ,they couldn't find things so they complained about the house being messy and when i said it wasnt they said i was tidying before they got there so they couldn't get a true impression of how we lived it was ludicrous ,then they complained that the car was dirty (true) it was dirty but with 6 children 3 of which was handicapped one very badly i couldn’t get it cleaned without leaving her in the house by herself ,this all started with the ss when my wife died and left me to cope alone ,that never broke me but the ss did i had a nervous breakdown thanks to them , they said i was abusing my children sexually and physically it broke my heart and i couldn’t stop crying i would never touch a child ever , in the end they won and i put my children into foster care ,in fact they won twice over as my children now have been brainwashed and don’t want to contact me ,but i will never abandon them love is unconditional for your children and i will never no matter what forget them i still have my memories ,and my children can contact me when they want when they get older ,and they will find out then i never gave up, just got worn down and couldn’t be the parent that i wanted to be thanks to the ss. I still have the nightmares of when my children left and will never ever believe what the ss says about people again i certainly saw them in a new light

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