"Bringing Families Together"

"Bringing Families Together"

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Letter to Nicola Sturgeon MSP

Nicola Sturgeon MSP
The Scottish Parliament
Edinburgh EH99 1SP 25th August 2009.

Dear Ms Sturgeon,

As you are our meetings MSP in Govan we would ask you to impress on all ministers the advantage of grandparents in early intervention of child abuse. They are in a unique position of knowing their families faults and shortcomings and no one better can predict where children are not looked after properly.

The government is admitting failing our children when asking for everyone to be observant for child neglect and abuse but as Children 1st have stated grandparents are very useful for early detection. Woman’s Aid say grandparents should have the right of information about their grandchildren’s welfare.

We would like to know, as grandparents have this advantage why they are not relevant persons in their grandchildren’s lives. Social services daily reject grandparents reporting problems in a family they are labelled uncooperative because they voice concern about the care of their grandchildren. Is it cost or just children’s welfare that is at the bottom of the list?

We realise because you are young and will not appreciate how heartbreaking this can be to someone who has a close loving relationship with their grandchildren very much. To be forced to the out side with no say in their welfare. The ministers must consult more with the people on the shop floor and not the funded charity organisations by government resources to give the answers they want. It does appear that any criticism of the government’s policies falls on deaf ears and is ignored.

So early intervention in all things is essential, why the Scottish ministers can’t see this of the army of grandparents for the sake of children, is in my opinion pure neglect.

I look forward to your reply on this very important matter.

Jimmy Deuchars
Grandparents Apart UK
22 Alness crescent
Glasgow G52 1PJ
0141 882 5658

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