"Bringing Families Together"

"Bringing Families Together"

Friday, August 21, 2009

Are MPs worth 130K

MPs want 130 grand a year. You are pulling my leg! What for? What good are they? What do they really do for their constituents?

Every constituent we have sent to them for help from all over the UK with family problems end up being told “there is nothing I can do against social services. I am told that is not true but they ignore it because of party politics.

Party politics is their real concern, even before their own families welfare it would appear,
The vast majority of MPs keeping mum on the subject of grandparental child protection? We would have thought the grandparents among them would at least speak up about the gross injustices in family law. But they are not! Why!

Are they all hypocrites or false prophets strutting around posing on TV and paying a fortune to any free local paper for telling the public how good they are. Using their O.T.T. expenses to make a big show of doing nothing? They are a joke!

My local members take about three letters before they give an answer and I have needed to shame them into it.. The UK MP for my area has an e-mail bar from constituents in his area

WriteToThem (home)
Sorry! Something's gone wrong.
Ian Davidson MP has told us not to deliver any messages from the constituents of Glasgow South West. Instead you can try looking them up on the Parliament website. There you will get a phone number, a postal address, and for some MPs a website or way to contact them by email.
Constituents pay his wages but have to chase after him.

Failure in child protection.

The government and social services have failed in providing the best in child abuse protection they are ignoring grandparents as the key to early detection of child abuse. Grandparents are the very people who can spot child abuse a mile away because of the special relationship they have with the families concerned. People who know their own family intimately enough that even the children’s groups say are very useful for early detection of child abuse.

On a subject as important as child welfare ‘The Best Interests of the Child’ should be paramount but not so for the government and social services. They use that saying for their own best interests because they are failing to use every possible means for the protection of our children.


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