"Bringing Families Together"

"Bringing Families Together"

Friday, September 16, 2011

Use of psychotropic drugs on children

I am truly amazed at the government saying we could fund more adults to be available to work directly with children. We have an army of willing grandparents wanting to help children but the government is definitely turning a blind eye to that fact and rather than use grandparents they talk about drugging our children into submission and also changing the way mental illness is diagnosed. The “Best interests of the Child” saying came from Nazi Germany are we now in danger of adopting their methods as well?

Why ? What are they afraid of in making grandparents relevant in children’s lives? We have agreed with the government that we don’t need automatic legal rights as that would not work but on the governments suggestion we agreed on a Charter for Grandchildren and helped in its creation. The idea was the children should have the right to have grandparents in their lives if there was no reason otherwise. And government organisations should look more closely at the role grandparents can play in their grandchildren’s lives it has not been as effective as it should be because of lack of legislation.

Now after recognising the needs for a charter and going to all the bother of creating it social services now maintain what is contained in it is already enshrined in law.

If that particular legislation had been heeded there would be no need for change, it has been ignored so much and forgotten that there is a cry for it to be revised and focussed on the real best interests in protecting our children. Especially from the governments own organisations.

One person wielding all the power over who has contact with children is causing children to be used as weapons and blackmail. In some cases one mother had a child to three fathers and charged them £150.00p per week to have contact while still collecting benefits. One granny is paying all the rent and costs for her daughter-in law’s flat just to be able to see the child and the mother is still collecting benefits. It is very common that grandparents are paying in one way or another for contact with their grandchildren.

We at Grandparents Apart UK would like an explanation as to why grandparents are regarded as sub human species shunned by every government department regarding their grandchildren. Are our children now to be snatched, groomed, force adopted and drugged into submission. This will create even more gangs in the future with non achievers and unmanageable children. Quick fixes are no good we must treat our children with the respect that grandparents can give.

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