"Bringing Families Together"

"Bringing Families Together"

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Blame the government

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Don’t blame parents!!! Blame the government for the inhuman treatment of children in the care system, The University of Crime. Children need their families.

The government are trying to pass the buck for the criminal riots onto parents. What a cheek and insult to the millions of parents.

It is well known that children removed from their family by social services and brought up in the care system are non achievers, disrespectful, unmanageable, and have no respect for anyone. They are the mainstream of the gangs that roam our streets looking for that family feeling they were robbed of when they were cruelly separated from their family.

The government do not even try to keep children with their families. Snatch, groom them and adopt to the first people who fancy adopting a child. Grandparents have been campaigning for years to be taken seriously in caring for their grandchildren rather than the care system but the government turn a blind eye to them and tell them you have no rights. We don’t need to talk to you. Grandparents have won the Charter for Grandchildren from the Scottish government and if made mandatory for professionals in the care system would ensure millions of children would be placed with their grandparents if that is in their best interest rather than social services.

We are already in the too late. The British family is being destroyed by government policies which are based only on cost at present but this passes the problem and even more cost onto future authorities when the children are adults and committing crimes on society. The government thinks they can treat children anyway they like and expect them to be upstanding citizens when they grow up.

There are other points to consider I was told by an MSP. The points that they consider is how to further their own career. The present SNP government is not interested in any way in bringing families together. They even pay Woman’s Aid to alienate grandparents from a child’s life.

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