"Bringing Families Together"

"Bringing Families Together"

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Letter to president Zuma.

Sent by Email: 9th August 2011

Dear President Zuma,

It has come to my attention through Maggie Tuttle from the UK, regarding the situation concerning “Stolen Children” taken by Social Services. Apparently it is good business to live in the UK and become a foster parent or adopt a child through these services.

It appears that the old adage “money is the root of all evil” would certainly apply to these cases. I am in possession of information concerning a family from South Africa living in the UK, the Musa family, that has six children and those children have been taken from their family and put into the care of Social Services. I understand that the Musa family have lots of support from various organizations who are lobbying to assist them, in having their children returned to them. There are thousands of children that are being taken from loving families to be either fostered, or adopted , never to see their families again. What is really troublesome in these cases is, grandparents who are willing to take their grandchildren into their home, are being denied, due to lies and deceit from Social Services and their Agencies.

You are obviously aware of this terrible situation, as I have been informed of your intent to boycott the Olympic Games being held in 2012 in the UK. Maggie Tuttle and the Walker Brothers, celebrities from the sixties and others, are in the process of organizing a “Children’s Live Aid” day in 2012, which will have major celebrities from the music world drawing attention to the plight of these children, taken from their families. The ideal situation would be to tie in “Children’s Live Aid” concert with the boycott, if you are willing to proceed.

This is going to be an ongoing affair of drawing attention to the way Social Services deal with children and their families, and the way the courts put gagging orders on those who are the closest members of the children’s family, including the grandparents.

I admire you taking a stand and I am sure in your position as President of the South African country will not go unnoticed. I will be there myself on that day as I am going to participate in the “ Children’s Live Aid” day.

I am living in Canada now, but I will be making the trip a few times in the current year and in 2012.

With very best wishes and in concern,

Baroness Agnes von Mehren

Toronto, Ontario Canada Email: avm33@rogers.com

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