"Bringing Families Together"

"Bringing Families Together"

Thursday, August 18, 2011


Crimes committed against humanity, may or can result in a prison sentence, under the International Courts of human rights; all persons charged with a crime, all have rights to a fair hearing with a fair trial in an open court, with no gagging orders and that the media are allowed to publish the facts.

Once sentenced to prison, all prisoners are given under the human rights, food clothing telephone calls, listen to music, libraries, facilities to qualify for exams, gymnasiums for work outs, arts and crafts watch television, newspapers daily, allowed to smoke, buy Christmas and birthday cards to send to their loved ones and family, post letters and most of all every prisoner has visitation rights, in actual fact a person sentenced to a prison sentence has all of the rights as a normal person living in the community, the only human rights they have lost because they committed a crime is not being able to go out of the door and buy a pint.

Children who report an abuse against a parent parents foster carers or adopted parents.

I have been told by the system set in place to protect children, ALL children are all liars and do not know what they want. Children have rights under the human rights act to a fair trial, prisoners have a right to a hearing in an open court, but children’s cases are heard in a closed family court with the families denied the right to a fair hearing, with gagging orders by the courts on the press and families, also many children if able to speak for them self’s are all ignored, the only people with a voice in the family courts are the social workers NSPCC Cafcass physiologists and so many other organisations involved all known as the experts, who we are told are employed in the Childs best interest, and so one child has an army of experts?? Along with the courts to contend with, with most cases for one child in the system it can or may cost the tax payers in excess of £250.000 per case and lasting for up to a year and then ongoing with the sale of the child by the foster or adoption agencies along with bonuses to the local councils from governments for meeting the adoption and foster care targets?

Having questioned social workers, who I may add most from the EC Australia or Africa, (question) are you aware of the children’s rights under the Convention on the Rights of a Child and of their human rights, out of fifty social workers the reply was, I have heard of it, but don’t know what it entails, and very few said no never heard of it.

A child is taken away with no rights by a social worker on their assumptions or lies, or a child can report an abuse and is then sold into the system via the adoption or foster agencies, children from the first day of being in care have all rights stripped from them, no contact with the family, no telephone calls no letters and the family have no knowledge of where that child lives, as all contact is denied to a child the family and grandparents.

Prisoners can commit murder steal, sexually abuse babies and children, sell drugs, abuse society in what ever way and still have the right to a life and family, and with tax payers money can now as many have done so, had payments in the last year in excess of £1.600.000 million paid to prisoners for abuse and wrongful arrest, yet an innocent child is labelled with no rights what so ever loss of family and all branded as a liars, lose their right to their childhood days with happiness gone and still cannot sue to give them back all they have lost. Which is or was there life’s minds and families.

So perhaps we should look at building prisons for children, as then children would get the same rights that prisoners have and also to be heard in an open court for a fair trial and have their human rights given back to them, same as any person in prison.

The differences between prisoners and children, prisoners do wrong and have their rights.

What has a child got nothing? Cannot go to a park, be cuddled and loved by a family and lose what can never be given back childhood days of playing with grandparents and family.

Sorry I am wrong, from the age of five they can play sex games as that is what is now being taught in the school, as I wrote to the Prime Minister Mr Cameron, so we watch children playing sex and learning from sex as opposed to playing with toys and learning.

Maggie Tuttle

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