"Bringing Families Together"

"Bringing Families Together"

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The ravings of a Tory MP on knife crime.

As I was writing this Mr Bob Blackwood MP of Harrow was speaking in parliament this evening on knife crime. Mr Blackwood said we need to encourage parents to ensure their children do not join gangs or carry knives.

Get in the real world Mr Blackwood. It is our experience that gang members are mainly the product of his governments care system where children are not treated as human beings but as commodities to be dealt with according to how cheaply they can dispose of them.

A million children in Britain do not see their grandparents because of the government’s policy for children. A Labour government acknowledged this and created the Charter for Grandchildren for professionals who work in the welfare of children to look more closely at the role grandparents can play in a child’s life rather than be fostered or forced adopted. If elected this year Scottish Labour planned to revisit the Charter for Grandchildren with a view to making it legal. Sadly this did not happen.

The SNP government has refused to accept the charter and passed responsibility for it to local authorities knowing fine well they cannot handle it as it needs done at government level. The SNP government fund a group called Woman’s Aid which does a good job in rescuing women from domestic violence but their counselling procedure includes excluding grandparents that have done no wrong at all and is not in the best interests of the child. Woman’s Aid refuses to meet to discuss finding a solution to this.

The SNP attitude was when asked about this “we have nothing further to add”

The governments by their indifference towards grandparents have created a ‘them and us’ situation between grandparents and social services and are often seen as a bully boy service mostly feared by families rather than respected.

If parents are unable to look after their children it would benefit them more to be cared for in a known home environment with someone they know and trust rather than being given to strangers. It is well known that children that go through the care system very often become non achievers. The effects of fostering or forced adoption from their birth family can devastate a child and affect them all their lives. This leads to insecurity, behaviour problems becoming unmanageable and growing up resenting society and joining the ever growing gangs which roam our streets for that lost family feeling.

Although it is a soap opera BBC East ender’s have the perfect scenario. Billy Mitchell and his partner Julie who were brought up in the care system. They are portrayed as non achievers, no hopers, poorly educated and always in trouble, never holding down a job and totally irresponsible. Now their granddaughter has turned up and she is the perfect street aware example always running away and having all the problems of a typical care child.

Do we want children to grow up like that? The rate the governments are snatching children and force adopting, gangs are exploding all over the UK

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