"Bringing Families Together"

"Bringing Families Together"

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

False Allegations by Social Services.

I have heard so so often about social services making allegations about people without proof to stop them having contact with children. People’s lives are being ruined and children are robbed of a loving family just for social services to get their own way. Why are social services above the law? Why are they allowed to get away with holding records that cannot be proven? In the following case umpteen MPs high ranking policemen and lawyers have been ignored by social services. David Cameron has been written to several times as was Nick Clegg and Kenneth Clark but all have slung a deaf ear. What good are MPs when they cannot get justice for anyone?

David Wilkins was 19 a soldier in the British Army and posted to Germany. He got into a fight in a bar with others soldiers and was charged along with others with ABH.

When David left the army he applied to the police and was accepted no bother at all and achieved the role of sergeant.

David is now 65 and trying to see his wife’s grandchildren but Oldham social services has said they cannot see them as Dave has a sexual charge against him from that fight way back in Germany. The funny thing was Dave and his wife had already been given custody of one of their grandchildren so there is much confusion about social services motives in this case.

There was no sexual charge at all and Dave has scoured the army and police records and has never been connected with any charge of sexual assault. A crime like that would have stopped Dave becoming a policeman, but no sexual crime has been committed.

Eventually social services claim it was via a telephone conversation they are basing these accusations. Dave and Brenda’s life has been ruined by this false allegation and their grandchildren have lost out in the grandparents love.

There must be an end to social services dirty tactics.

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