"Bringing Families Together"

"Bringing Families Together"

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Now that SNP have got everyone conned they are still trying to force through a minimum price on alcohol which will have devastating effects on the chi

SNP know very well how to deal with the alcohol problem in Scotland the reasons they pussyfoot is they do not want to rub their supermarket millionaire voter friends the wrong way by reducing their profits. They prefer to subject children deeper into poverty by hiking the price of drink knowing full well that a problem drinker will get their drink first despite the cost and the families will get what is left, if any in a lot of cases.. The more it goes up the less there will be to feed the family.

Hiking the price of alcohol is unfair and deprives people who use it wisely. In general people will plan ahead for celebrations A fairer system is to set the normal price and not make alcohol so readily available.

The target should be the alcoholic it is their problem and must be tackled with full force with no let up. Families have no training in dealing with the problem drinker. Their usual coping mechanism is to try and hide the problem to save embarrassment. Lack of money means the children exist on handouts from friends or relatives and wear hand me down clothes that never fit right. They are usually neglected and unwashed as the drinker is sleeping their booze off. Like the NSPCC advert they usually go home to a punch and need to look in bin bags for something to eat.

An alcoholic is not necessarily a down and out. They can be drinkers in a well paid position who consume large amounts but if it is not tackled the inevitable end is the same. It is well known that 60% of NHS beds are occupied by alcohol patients. The crime rate is so high because of alcohol that the police can barely cope.

If alcohol was invented tomorrow it would be banned immediately as a dangerous drug. It is only tolerated because the government, producers and people involved in the selling of it make so much money from it. Now the harm caused by alcohol is exceeding the income the governments are frantic to find a way around it and still keep the money rolling in. but the nature of alcohol is addiction and they are fighting a losing battle. The only way to tackle it is to ban it all together but I cannot see that happening.

Alcohol producers and dealers in alcohol must take their place in tackling the alcohol problem by doing more to treat alcoholics.

Some steps to help reduce the effects of alcohol abuse on children

1, Proven problem drinkers should be made to attend counselling by law.

2, The age for purchasing alcohol should be raised to 21 making it easier for shop assistants to spot under age buyers.

3, Happy hours should be totally banned.

4, Cheap offers in supermarkets should be stopped.

5, Using alcohol for promotions should be an offence.

6, Outlets for selling alcohol should be reduced.

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