"Bringing Families Together"

"Bringing Families Together"

Friday, May 20, 2011

a devastated grandmother.

If anyone would like to communicate with this lady, i will pass on your details.


Hi - I am a 61 year old grandparent who has been stopped from seeing my granddaughter by my son 18 months ago. Initially I went to a Solicitor and was going ahead with trying through the courts to gain some kind of visiting access. Unfortunately, as the weeks went by I started to get chest pains with all the stress and decided that I just couldn't face going into a court room. More importantly I came to the decision that taking my own son to court or having my granddaughter know in later years about this nightmare situation could do her more harm than good.
I came across your web site page today and I firmly believe that it should not take a court appearance to get to see your own grandchild. I brought up four children, I don't smoke, drink and never taken drugs. Never been convicted of any criminal offence, worked hard for my family and paid all my taxes. It's so unfair and so heartbreaking, just because of a row or disagreement with the father/mother of a grandchild they can have this power, for no other reason, and stop all contact.
Never mind my loss the child's loss is more important. My granddaughter loved to stay with me and was very close to me, we had so much fun. She has no say in the matter, she was 8 this month. I seen her last June (once in the past 18 months) and to hear her say 'I miss you nannies' absolutely torn me apart. I wonder every night how my own son could do something like this but he did.
I don't want to join a group to get back at him I want someone somewhere to sit up and listen to us decent grandparents. So if I can be of any help to Grandparents Apart could you please direct or advise me please.

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