"Bringing Families Together"

"Bringing Families Together"

Friday, December 3, 2010

A Grandparents Warning.

Hi Jimmy its C----------- I have not been in touch with you as I have been going through absolute hell trying to get access to my little grandson whom I have never seen.
I have been travelling up north for two years now which is a 400 mile round trip for the jsheriff to turn round & say if my sons partner does not want me to see my grandson he cannot force her to do so. I am not allowed to send gifts for him or receive any photographs of him just because his mother does not want me to.

I have been in contact with a different solicitor as the solicitor I had misrepresented me at the case.

Please advise all grandparents to be very wary of the court reporters that come to their home to interview them as they can twist their words to suit their selves.

My solicitor had not told me that I had only three weeks to apply for an appeal.So much so my new solicitor cannot do anything for me.

I cannot see any point in going to court in the first place if a judge cannot overturn a decision against the parents of the child. It is such a waste of Legal Aid money, court time & our time.

My self & my husband are 50years old & I have had one stroke & my husband has had five in the past year due to all the stress of trying fight for what should be a normal occurrence

I do not know how everyone else feels I suppose it will be the same as me as I feel as if my heart has been ripped out & stood on.

Things have got to change so much as grandparents should not be allowed to suffer this way.

I hope it will be possible for you to send this to everyone jimmy as my heart goes out to everybody in the same situation.

Contacts supplied

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