"Bringing Families Together"

"Bringing Families Together"

Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Failed Scottish Government

This present Scottish Governments patter is good they talk the talk but do not do the walk. They are ignoring the welfare issues of our children.

It is obvious to everyone else that the backbone and future of a nation depends upon how children are raised. If they are treated fairly with love and stability from their whole family then we will have caring citizens to carry on looking after the welfare of everyone in our country.

Drugs and alcohol families are on the increase and our Governments’ policy is to snatch their children groom them for adoption by alienating them from the family by telling them they are no longer wanted by their grandparents, cousins, uncles, aunts etc. All this does is make children isolated, bitter and resentful to society in general, this usually ends up with them being in care and perfect candidates for gangs that make old people afraid to open our door or go out at night.

The master plan appears to be is to adopt them to strangers without the consent of any member of that children’s family. Getting rid of the problem like this is only a short term solution. Often the children who go through this devastation return as the criminals and thugs of the future, the problem being magnified to great proportion. Can you see the cycle of events? We are going round in circles and each turn of the cycle is worse than the others.

This Government at present is looking for quick fixes and has no real policies for families for the future. Three of their MSPs started to work for us but it was not gaining them much credit as the priority for family welfare is low on this Governments list and the MSPs abandoned the search for better conditions for children for better pursuits in self praise. Then this Government threw out the Charter for Grandchildren which was created by a past Scottish Government and designed to ensure professionals that work in the children’s welfare system put children’s interests first which does not happen in a lot of cases.

The Charter for Grandchildren is parent friendly and does not give grandparents any legal rights at all. The children will have the right, if it is in their best interest for their extended family to stop social service putting them needlessly into care or farmed out to strangers which often ruins their lives forever. This Government is not complying with the Charter for Grandchildren when they treat our children like business dealings disposing of them in the cheapest fastest way possible and ignoring the guide lines of good practice that was created by the previous government.

Family policies and other policies that this government has not fulfilled (and blame everyone else for) must not be allowed to continue. We need a caring government for this country, not one focussed on their own selfish gratification.


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