"Bringing Families Together"

"Bringing Families Together"

Saturday, November 20, 2010

The ultimate love of a Grandparent

At present I am still under review as a carer for my grandchildren, I still have to drive the 80 miles a day to get them to school, and with meetings every other day for them and me, it is very difficult to have a life or for me even to go to work, as after all meetings and driving, I have only 4 hours a day to clean wash and shop, now I am tod I will have to have parent training, that is insult to injuries to me and the grandkids.
But to the point of this email link, I thought I would do some research into a carer/foster, and other sites the same, it states many facts of carers not having to be married, can be gay or single, and age does not come into it, so lets go to a single person, she or he could be in their 20s and as a carer/foster can earn from this site alone £390 a week per child, plus plus, so for them that do not want to go to work, or cannot get a job, they can be carer/foster what a way to get people back to work yes via as advertised do you want a Career in fostering.
As a grandmother with £131 a week pension I have had no support and pay the diesel with support of what my son could afford weekly, but good news is that after 5 months of looking after my granddaughter, and coming to 2 months of my grandson, social services have decided that as from the 22nd of October I will be allowed £330 a week, so lets take away the £100 a week for diesel, I have a short fall from £390 a week per child, as they pay me £115 per child a week, so for me yes, we grandparents are used by families and governments and are treated with no respects, as the likes of say a single person who wants an easy life security and money. And at the end of the day the biological mother still has parental rights even though the children reported abuse and are under the family courts, so much for justice for kids and grandparents

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