"Bringing Families Together"

"Bringing Families Together"

Saturday, November 6, 2010

The trauma of kids in the system

Morning all,
Having supported grandparents and dads rights for many years, I never
thought the day would come when I would be a victim of seeing the trauma my
grandkids are being put through by the system, so far I and my grandkids are
only 1/3 of the way through this jungle of so called child protection. What
amazes me, is a child will report abuse, the parents are told and questioned
and then social services say bye bye, and the kids are left on their own
with-in the abused home. My grandkids are with me, and are they happy little
bunnies, yes, my grandson age 9 sings every day I am free, but if only he
knew the truth, they are in court on the 8th November, they have been
awarded a guardian, then they are back in court on the 29th November then
after this date its a 6 month wait for the final out come. In the mean time
the kids are told we are not sure you will live with your Nan on any of
these dates as it is up to the courts. So in the mean time I have to drive
the kids 80 miles a day to and from school at a great cost, feed them, bye
clothes and uniforms as they arrived with nothing, I am not a Gran I have
become their mum and keeper with not one penny in support, as for the child
allowance, I am not allowed to claim for all of the time I have had the
children 4 months, as there mum had been claiming the allowance, I told
child benefit this was fraud, and that social services have the evidence of
the kids living with me, their reply nothing we can do, so abuse the kids
and abuse the tax payers via the system.
As child fostering agents receive approx £20.000 for every kid they place
with a foster carer, so at the end of the day it is up to the judges as to
where a child should live, and we are all aware grandparents and dads who
fight tooth and nail for the abused kids to live with the family, its a no
go. its a fact that judges send more kids to be fostered or adopted, then
to place them with in the family, I wonder how much a back hander the judges
receive from the foster and adoption agents, we are all well aware of the
black market with kids abused, bought and sold in every imaginable way,
don't forget a family court is always close to the foster and adoption
agents in the towns, so you all just think about the links to the judges and
the kids agents, I am sure they all at some time meet for cocktails or
tea.Is there ALSO back hander's with in social services.
Campaigning for more then 35 years believe me I have come across scandals
with in the elite, as they say its not what you know its who you know. Our
kids have no chance they are all just money and that talks.

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