"Bringing Families Together"

"Bringing Families Together"

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Injustice in our Family Courts

Brian Mcnair 30 November at 12:05 Reply Report
Six years ago tomorrow ST Andrews Day, Brian McNair& Dave Pike called the the Scottish Parliament with there Fathers for Justice Banner Highlighting The Injustice in our Family Courts with the exclusion of Fathers Grandparents and extended Family from the children's lives, Creating World Wide Interest , Brian went on to Submit Evidence with others to the Justice 1 Committee, Raising Amendments through his MSP Sylvia Jackson , Brian was asked to drop the amendments with the Promise of Compliance Officers from the then Scottish Executive under the Labour Government, False Promises Indeed. Brian Goes on to say how can you ever trust Politicians who make false Promises the effects of going to court and getting a Court order thats not worth the paper its writen on has a Devestating effect on Families , and is Clearly not in the Best interest of the Children, These Court Orders are made in the best Interest of Children after long and drawn litigation with Court reporters, Curators acting for the Children PhycoligistsAnd Solicitors Corting tens of thosands of pounds to the tax payer, and to the fathers and Grandparents that do not get Legal Aided, Really what is the pouint of having a Justice System where the Sheriffs and Judges give out Court Orders and do not uphold them this is a National Disgrace, The Family Law Bill was nothing more than a Public Relations Exercise with non Ledgitive Ledgislation to make the Covernmend look as though they were Addressing the problem, Well I can tell you six years on Nothing has Changed it has actualy got worse, On this Great day of Celibration St Andrews Day I Say shame on ther governments of Scotland For fialing Children an Families, Your's B McNair Spell checker not working, can you correc

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