"Bringing Families Together"

"Bringing Families Together"

Saturday, November 27, 2010

CSA staff member tells fathers to commit suicide


CSA staff member tells fathers to commit suicide

September 26, 2010

This week we posted a story direct to our Facebook page about the New Fathers 4 Justice protest that took place in Dudley. The protest post created a number of comments on our Facebook page, including one from someone called Jamie Smith, who suggested that the fathers involved in the protest were trying to avoid paying for their children and how he’d like to see them throw themselves off a very tall building.

This was very unpleasant, but as this website found out, Jamie actually works for the Child Support Agency. He works for the CSA in Belfast, and he frequents our Facebook page posting comments about how non-resident parents shouldn’t have had kids if they can’t pay for them. His most offensive comment reads thus:

“what a joke – a load of blokes who cudnt keep their pants on and expect to get away without paying. Id pay some of them to jump off some ver tall buildings with their batman suits on – then we’ll see how man they are lol”

We’re disgusted by this man’s comments and his attitude towards fathers, yet he seems typical of the sort of person who works for the CSA. Hopefully the CSA will take action against him for his offensive and hurtful comments towards a sector of society that is already under immense pressure, and a number of fathers have already taken their own lives as a direct result of the CSA. People like Jamie already have blood on their hands; his outburst merely goes to show that some of the CSA staff are proud of that fact.

Here’s his comment from the Facebook page – please become a fan of the page if you haven’t already, and you can benefit from even more advice and news about the CSA

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