"Bringing Families Together"

"Bringing Families Together"

Friday, October 29, 2010

Government to introduce compulsory mediation of divorce disputes

Family Justice Review to report in early 2011


Before we really start talking seriously about mediation there are a few points that need to be cleared up. Attitudes need to change somewhat to lay the foundations for mediation to succeed.. The set up as it is below does not encourage mediation. Why would mothers consider it when everything is going their way as it is? The government funds these organisations and their very working is in contradiction to the government saying families should work in harmony and grandparents are important to children. How can grandparents be important in children’s lives if they don’t get the chance and are irrelevant?

1, a) The government is gender biased as it does appear the system works on the basis that women are the only parents capable of rearing children in the traditional family. How will that work with gay male adoption. b) The government claims grandparents are important to children’s but refuse to recognise them as relevant people in children’s lives.

2a) Social services rarely includes grandparents or extended family because the law does not recognise them as relevant. b) Fathers rights are seldom recognised by social services.

3, Woman’s Aid focuses on protecting woman and do not take into account the best interests of children when they are tutoring women how to avoid contact with the paternal side of a child’s family even if grandparents or fathers have done no wrong. This encourages flouting of contact orders because they get away with it. (Non-compliance)

Millions could be saved to families and the public purse if this farce was resolved. It would cut down on legal aid and social service and welfare costs. Children would not be subject to being used as weapons or blackmail.

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