"Bringing Families Together"

"Bringing Families Together"

Monday, October 4, 2010

Grandparents/Grandchildren. The Authorities Hypocrissy

Press release

The head of Glasgow social services has pointed out that the contents of the Charter for Grandchildren are already acknowledged in family law. They may well be but they are not focussed or prominent enough to be adhered to by professionals who deal in the welfare of children. It was pointed out to the Justice Minister that there were deficiencies in the way children were being treated. The government heeded the evidence and created the Charter for Grandchildren, by the government’s actions and expense in creating the Charter for Grandchildren is proof enough that there was a need for such a document for professionals to focus on the best interests of our children instead of mouthing the words to suit their own agenda..

Social services have chosen to ignore the guidance of the charter and children are losing out on stability and love their grandparents can give. Now for the sake of our children the charter must be made mandatory for professionals.

It is well published and recognised social services policies are not what is best for children but what is cheapest and quickest for them. This is false economy for the future when children that are not treated properly turn out to be non-achievers disruptive citizens and turn to gangs and crime which is terrifying our older people making them afraid to open their doors or go out at night. The cost of increased crime and policing in an attempt to keep our streets safe far exceeds the cost of doing right by children in the first place.

A king’s ransom is spent on legal aid, court time and lawyers, also children’s services, social services to cope with the farce of family law. The government is hypocritical in saying one thing and yet their policies are doing the other. The savings that can be made are vast if they would only try bringing families together.

The authorities are splitting families by not recognising grandparents as relevant persons and social services carry out the enforcement of their ruling. Why is the they doing this when they tell us that grandparents are important in children’s lives? Grandparents don’t get a chance to be important when social services refuse to speak or acknowledge them regarding their children.

The government funds an organisation whose policies are focussed only on themselves and totally in opposition to family unity which is not in the best interests of children. Woman’s Aid is this organisations name and we tried to liaise with them about a Charter for Women for good practise but they have ignored us.

The authorities must sort this out saying one thing and doing the opposite if they want to ‘Get it right for every Child’


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