"Bringing Families Together"

"Bringing Families Together"

Monday, September 6, 2010

Wisdom from Pope Benedict XVI

The head of the Roman Catholic Church Pope Benedict XVI has blessed The Catholic Grandparents Association from Ireland and composed a special ‘Prayer for Grandparents’

Roman Catholics are very family orientated and are an inspiration to us all. There was never better encouragement for everyone to strive in ‘Bringing Families Together’ this has always been our motto and I quote the wisdom of the Pope in saying “grandparents may never be ignored or excluded but always encounter respect and love” unquote. Unfortunately this is not the case with the Governments of the UK who refuse to acknowledge that grandparents are part of the family and social services reinforce this every day by telling caring grandparents “you are irrelevant! we don’t need to speak to you!

Everyone should heed the Popes wisdom for the world and urge the governments and local authorities to implement the Charter for Grandchildren. This Charter focuses on the best interests of the children and grandparents know it will give children the best care and protection they can offer when they are in a crisis situation other than be taken into care. This does not mean grandparents will have any more rights than they have at present.

The responsibility to rear their children is with the parents. The charter for Grandchildren only assures that our children are getting the best available from all members of their family.

We need to save our children from being taken by social services and adopted to strangers when grandparents are available to keep them within a stable home environment within the faith their family believes in. The Charter for Grandchildren when implemented will ensure professionals dealing in the welfare of children really do work in the ‘child’s best interest’.



If you would like to help in making the Popes wishes for grandparents more widely known contact us for leaflets.

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Grandparents Apart UK
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Glasgow G52 1PJ
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