"Bringing Families Together"

"Bringing Families Together"

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Grandparents View (Of Nick Clegg's speech)

Maybe it’s an age thing but have we not heard all this before. Like the hype of so called movies we’ve seen and heard it all before. Nick Clegg’s speech was obviously a personal bid for power and glory and was a futile attempt to cover up the betrayal of his own party members

Lib Dem policies were voted for but they got Conservative rubbish instead. How can a man like that be trusted to be deputy PM in running a country, making the poor and needy cringe about the dismal future that lies ahead for them and their children.

How the coalition betrayed Grandparents. Grandparents Apart UK has written to Mr Nick Clegg for an explanation of their election scam of promising more rights for English Grandparents. His reply to our letter was he has passed it on to the appropriate department. We have not received any explanation at all from any government dept.

The scam is the removal of the need to get a courts permission to raise a contact action. We have had thousands contacting us thinking they were getting more rights but in actual fact Scotland has already worked this way for years and it has cost a lot of our members dearly.

Let us not forget the Scottish Government’s scam of a Granny Grant another election election gimmick by Alec Salmond. The Granny Grant was only payable to Grannies that underwent foster-carer training courses. What an insult to Grandparents that have successfully raised children to be doctors, professors etc.

The promoting of mediation and family group conferences for bridge building and updating relationship between grandparents and parents would be a more appropriate way for bringing families together.

Jimmy Deuchars
Grandparents Apart UK
22 Alness crescent
Glasgow G52 1PJ
0141 882 5658

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