"Bringing Families Together"

"Bringing Families Together"

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Update on the mother who fled to Southern Ireland for justice.

This poor mother is totally devastated and her daughter is so upset by the treatment she has been receiving at the hands of social services that she is prepared to put herself in jail rather than have her daughter persecuted any longer. She has asked me to tell all of you she thinks this is her end I have agreed because in the ten years of dealing with grandparents/grandchildren contact issues I have found social services to be a well publicised utter failure for the best interests of children. A Frenchman once said “What is wrong with you British people that you let your governments treat you like this”

Jimmy Deuchars
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18th April 2010

Her story.

“There is no justice! when dealing with social services.

The Scottish social services have spent a fortune pursuing myself and my daughter who have never been separated by any court in Scotland or in nor have we been in any danger apart from being hounding by social workers who are enjoying flying back and forwards from Scotland to Ireland spending huge sums of Scottish tax payers money just to have me brought back to Scotland in order to preserve their god like image of never being beaten.

I have cooperated fully with the Irish social services and they had promised me help to find a house when i recovered from my two broken legs but now it seems that Scottish and Irish social services have joined together in order to destroy me and my daughter.

I am distraught because my daughter is suffering from being in care and having social workers filling her mind with all sorts of emotional rubbish just to wear her down. They are succeeding, the poor we soul is so upset and her emotions and behaviour have become disturbed.

When I return to court my solicitor has told me I will need to apologise to a judge for taking my daughter to Ireland or I will go to jail for kidnapping. The Hague Convention I am told is forcing our return to Scotland where I will also land in jail for kidnapping. She is my daughter and I have still PRRS we have been a victim of a cover up by Scottish social services who are afraid of an investigation which will prove they are wrong in accusing me of being a bad mother. I have a huge dossier of evidence to prove my case but they will not allow it.

All of you people who are suffering under or have suffered and lost under social services are also guilty of this farce. You know the failings of social services, it has been well broadcast by the media and groups of grandparents, fathers, mothers, etc. of how they work in telling lies, false information, snatching children from families, forcing adoption without permission, ignoring grandparents that can help children, yet you will not speak up about it. I do not deserve this persecution, did you?”


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  1. JIMMY, This is so sad , i thought maybe this mother would have some support in Ireland. it just proves how powerful social services have become , and that we have all been duped into believing the things we do ie fighting for fairer systems is so futile against these crafty poisonous systems. they have a goal and they will not allow anything to deter them , especially not a small thing like a childs "happiness".