"Bringing Families Together"

"Bringing Families Together"

Monday, April 12, 2010

Grandparents disappointment with authorities lack of welfare for children.

No Scottish political party except the pensioners party (SSCUP) has shown much enthusiasm for helping our grandchildren benefit from the role grandparents can play in their lives. Grandparents are excluded by law and a multitude of case histories and petitions motivated the then Scottish Executive to produce the ‘Charter for Grandchildren’ as It was created as advisory, with no bite. The Charter has been completely ignored almost defiantly by the professionals working in the welfare of children as there is an increase of complaints. Every day we hear of grandchildren still being cut of from their grandparents love and protection. The governments past and present have failed miserably We can only come to the conclusion that The ‘Charter for Grandchildren’ was just expensively created without any real attempt to improve the lives of our grandchildren.

The present SNP Government had a couple of MSPs from our area in Glasgow and Kilmarnock and Aberdeen show some interest but they soon faded away when they were asked to do something positive. In fact the SNP not only has shown little time for the ‘Charter for Grandchildren’ but deliberately got shot of it by passing the buck for its administration down to the local authorities.

Glasgow City Chambers is the same political party that created the ‘Charter for Grandchildren’ they very quickly voted to accept the ‘Charter for Grandchild’ then passed it to the DPC committee which is I am informed is another way of shelving the problem as they will need too analyse the Charter to see what can be used. It was the same government who created the Charter with their own lawyers in a stakeholders group in the best interests of the children. So what is there to analyse?

We have asked all the questions at a meeting about when it will be settled. No Tory councillors came only one councillor turned from Labour and gave us a short lecture on how it will take years and the need for the government to be involved. Talk about going round in circles. One SNP Councillor Iris Gibson came and was most helpful and concerned about children’s welfare.

It is criminal and a disgrace that children are still do not have the protection and care their grandparents can give them. The governments recognise the benefits or they would not have created the Charter but are not concerned enough to make it work.

Jimmy Deuchars
Grandparents Apart UK
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Glasgow G52 1PJ
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