"Bringing Families Together"

"Bringing Families Together"

Thursday, April 29, 2010

About the ‘Charter for Grandchildren’

Children need stability.

Under normal circumstances our firm belief is that children should have two parents in their lives and grandparents as a close back up if the parents are not available.

The Charter for Grandchildren focuses purely on the best interests of the children. Grandparents do not have any more rights to their grandchildren than they have at the moment. It is for professionals to consider seriously the role grandparents can play in the lives of their grandchildren (or a reason given for not complying) rather than the children suffering forced adoption, going to strangers or into care

The Charter for Grandchildren was created by a Scottish Labour Government with our input and other interested groups. Our group was praised by the justice minister from the floor of parliament for the work we had done.. The Charter was created as advisory but has been completely ignored by professionals working in the welfare of children. Every day we hear of children cut of from the stability that their grandparents love and protection could provide.

Glasgow City Chambers with cross party support ,enthusiastically voted to accept the Charter for Grandchild on 18th February 2010. The Full Council gave Grandparents Apart UK a standing ovation for their work in this field.

It is well known that a big percentage of children brought up in care become non achievers in life and usually end up joining gangs for that family stability feeling of belonging that they were robbed of.

We sent out a questionnaire to 500 grandparents asking them how they were received when they were anxious about their grandchildren’s welfare. The results were condemning. Irrelevant/indifferent treatment by the courts, lawyers not giving the correct legal advice and the social services with phantom meetings and false reporting even telling children their family does not want to see them, and we have the proof of these in our book “Grandparents Speak out for vulnerable Children”

Children need to be kept in a stable home environment wherever possible or there is a good chance they grow up to be the thugs of the future.

We need you to inform your local authority with the form enclosed to accept the “Charter for Grandchildren” in its entirety because it was created by a legal team of the Scottish government who’s only focus was the best interests of children.

We were runner up in

Glasgow Council Community & Evening Times Team Award Finalists 26th April 2010
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