"Bringing Families Together"

"Bringing Families Together"

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Grandparents are getting there.

Dear Friends, We are getting there.

Every penny we get is used for our campaign. We are downright volunteers mostly having had the problem of losing contact with our own grandchildren. There is no paid employees or expenses like buildings or anything like that and unlike other organisations we have no funding from the governments or social services to cow tow to, so we can be forthright in pursuing our goals.

Because of the generosity of our paying members we are just managing to weather the recession but we can do so much more if everyone on our books played fair and paid their membership fees and help to raise funds for the cause.. Every information pack we send to inquirers is free and we have no intentions of charging anybody for it. We know it is hard for everyone but what is dearest to your heart is it, your contact with your grandchildren and family harmony. Priorities is the word, think about it

With our forthrightness and honesty we have obtained the Charter for Grandchildren and Glasgow City Council has accepted it. These two steps in our campaign have been hard fought for with car boot sales, can rattling, demo’s and trips to the Scottish and Uk Parliaments. Constant meetings with MPs MSPs often with no results. This is all part of to be relevant in our grandchildren’s lives which I am personally dedicated to achieve.

The Charter for Grandchildren can make us relevant without the animosity from fathers and mothers if we had been given automatic rights to our grandchildren which was causing a divide and conquer scenario which is the last thing all of us want. Now we can honestly work in harmony with fathers and mothers to expose the common problem we all face is the unjust family laws of this country rather than everyone fighting against each other.

With the Charter for Grandchildren the children will have the right to have grandparents considered relevant in their lives in their best interests only especially by the professionals like social services who
are 85% the cause of exclusion because of their policy of costs before children’s & family welfare.

We need your help to end the misery that grandparents can put a full stop to.

The 4 year nightmare of abuse for little Emma.

The 4 year nightmare of abuse endured by a little girl called Emma is now over. Four years of hell because social services would not listen to her grandparents. Now the stepfather has been charged with abuse and the mother with neglect. At last putting an end to 4 years of horror the social services said was not happening. Emma has been disturbed by her experience and will need specialist help.


This is unbelievable. The authorities should be ashamed of themselves for not using every resource available in the protection of children. It is well known that grandparents are first class for early detection of neglect and child abuse. The Charter for Grandchildren when adopted will ensure children has the best protection their grandparents can offer. Loving parents will be abhorred at these figures.


By Lucy Johnston
ONE neglected child is dying every week, a shocking study has revealed.
The report also shows that the same “failures and deficiencies” behind the tragic deaths are being repeated despite a string of high profile abuse cases, including baby Peter.
Carried out by Ofsted, the inquiry examined the deaths of 174 children known or believed to have occurred as a result of abuse or neglect during 2008 and 2009. It linked neglect to the deaths of 50 children last year – nearly one child every week.
The figures are being highlighted today as part of a joint Sunday Express and NSPCC crusade to ensure child neglect becomes a political priority in the run-up to the next election. Most cases involved children under five and 24 were killed by a parent or carer.
Some were smothered, abused or drowned, while others died of malnourishment or thirst.

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